Join us in the shadows
Umbral Books
Date: 2021
Country: Canada
Work: Marketing, graphic design, and video production
umbral (n.): a shadow; the dark centre of a sunspot; a phantom or ghost.

At umbral books, we exist on the threshold of light and darkness. A new imprint from House of Anansi, we are committed to bringing to light the voices that have been kept in the shadows, finding and developing new and diverse Canadian writers, and helping shape the national conversation through provocative stories across genres and mediums. All of our work prioritizes depth and literary quality while challenging oppressive structures of power. We are a space for writers and readers to face the darkness —without forgetting to laugh along the way.
Description: Umbral Books is a 'fake' new imprint from House of Anansi, developed by me and four of my classmates in the Book Project course as part of the Master of Publishing program at SFU. For this project, we created and designed four powerful stories from scratch, along with the whole idea behind this new imprint. This is a sample of my work on this project:
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